IPS Inter Press Service

IPS Inter Press Service is a communication institution with a global news agency at its core. With roughly 70% of its journalists reporting directly from the countries of the South, IPS has been in a unique position to analyse the impact of globalisation from Southern points of view. IPS is convinced of the need to accompany the new global geography of power with new information channels that link our societies and citizens. In 2008 IPS accepted the 2008 ‘South-South Leadership Award’ from the United Nations for its role in promoting stronger ties among developing nations and media outlets.

As part of this overall commitment to South-South co-operation, IPS has developed editorial, capacity-building and networking initiatives linked to the IBSA grouping. In April 2010 IPS was privileged to host the IBSA Editors Forum in Brazilia, which brought together leading media personalities from the three countries. Recommendations about strengthening communication channels between India, Brazil and South Africa were presented to Presidents Zuma and Da Silva, and Prime Minister Singh.

The creation of this IBSA news and media portal was one of the recommendations of the 2010 Editors Forum. Through communication bridges like this, the impetus and understanding of what IBSA can mean and represent moves beyond the political elite and the corporate sector, to involve citizens. Because IBSA has been created amongst some of the world’s largest democracies, which share values and openness, this is an achievable goal.

The Government of Brazil is the current Chair of the IPS Core Group of donors and supporters, which India and South Africa attend. IPS has worked with South South Co-operation Unit of UNDP in developing its work in this area and has a longstanding partnership with the G77.

Visit IPS www.ips.org for more information about IPS the institution, andwww.ipsnews.net to go directly to our news site.